Professional Highlights and Resume

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Multiple projects including most on this page. Worked on many interesting technologies and methodologies including Agile, Watson, plus any number of industries.

Interesting tenure. During Price Waterhouse – Coopers & Lybrand merger – PM responsible for unifying financial reporting consolidating all BUs (Globally) to constancy report financial data.Also, PM in Independence office for 3 year cycles, overseeing Independence confirmation program.

Great time multiple roles including: Technical Director GEIS Banking and Financial Services, Technical Director NJ/PA, PM extremely large project with invitation to escalate directly to the president. 5 Time MarkMaker.

Timeshare Medical Systems. Started as a programmer moved to manager

While at GEIS was PM for Sales Force system for US sales force

Conducted a project audit for y2018 On*Star. Then called back to manage the issues identified in the audit.

PM for a Rights & Royalties(R&R) system Blue Print stage to the beginning of first several releases

PM of multiple complex Smarter Commerce projects over 4 years including a roll out to 1700 stores

PM over a fundamental business change so significant a new VP position was created just for that. I worked directly for VP of Enterprise

Implemented a parts system

PM for a very intense Retail Sterling Commerce project

PM for a number of land mark projects including: Scheduling system for appraisers, automated appraiser from paper to graphical tablets, Re architecture project. Note received delivery excellence reward.

Most important of all — Where I met my wife

Automated ETL feed/consolidation form 10 systems to automate to develop ad hoc reporting to replace monthly sales information from what was called the Blue Book